BitLife: How to Become a Chemical Engineer


The newest BitLife challenge, the Jekyll & Hyde Challenge, has arrived! Based on the story of the same name, the challenge tasks you with having over ten perfect relationships and committing three murders. You must also become a chemical engineer. By the end of this guide, you will learn how to become a chemical engineer in BitLife.

How to Become a Chemical Engineer in BitLife

BitLife Chemical Engineer

To become a chemical engineer in BitLife, you must first create and age up a new character. If you are trying to complete the Jekyll & Hyde Challenge, you’ll want to create a male character. Once your character graduates secondary school, enrol into university and choose Chemistry as your major. If it does not appear as an option right away, age up and recheck the list until it appears. While you are not required to have a Chemistry degree to become a chemical engineer, it will help you narrow down your job listings later. If your character does not have high smarts, your application may be rejected. Make sure you maintain your smarts stats by visiting the library and reading books. Additionally, if you cannot get a scholarship to the university, prepare some savings to pay off your university tuition later on.

After graduating from university, go to the full-time job listings and look for the “Engineer I” position. While its title is an Engineer, it is considered a chemical engineer career. It starts as a low-middle income job, so you may need to scroll down slightly to find it. However, if you do not find it right away, age up again and re-check the list until you see it. Once you find it, apply for the job and pass the interview to become a chemical engineer.

Once you become a chemical engineer, you will have completed the second task of the Jekyll & Hyde Challenge in BitLife. For more information about a previous BitLife challenge, visit our coverage here.

BitLife is available on Android and iOS. 19:38:02

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